Hitch! Drivers

Hitch! is the best tool for drivers to maximize earning potential while complying with DCTC regulations.

Fast Install:
In less than an hour, your car can be updated with Hitch!

Digital Payments:
Hitch! payment processes all major credit cards, provides fast transactions, and convenient e-receipts. Drivers are paid via ACH payments  that are deposited directly into their bank accounts.

Bigger Tips:
Our one step tip-processing system makes it fast and easy for riders to tip drivers.

Best Pricing Structure in Town
Competitive fees, and automated DCTC surcharge compliance give Hitch! drivers the best system in D.C. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1:   What is Hitch!?
2:   How do I become a Hitch! driver?

3:   What does Hitch! cost me?

4:   How much does my equipment cost?

5:   How do I report a problem with my Hitch! system?
6:   Who pays the DCTC 25 cent surcharge?
7:   How do I login using my keypad?
8:   Can I see a history of my fares?
9:   How long does it take for me to get money earned from fares via direct deposit?
10: Does hitch cover equipment issues?
11: What does error message “No CC" mean on my keypad?
12: I’ve lost my PIN. How do I reset it?
13: My MTS unit does not work

What is Hitch!?

Hitch! is the DC-based Payment Services Provider (PSP) for taxis in the DC metro area. We provide drivers with the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to earn fares through credit cards, while also complying with DCTC regulations.

How do I become a Hitch! driver?

Email driver@hitchdc.com to join the team now!

What does
Hitch! cost?

Hitch! is the best PSP provider in DC. Below is a summary of the various costs:
  • Installation fees are determined by Fleets or our meter shop installation partners, and may require an upgrade for your meter.
  • Monthly Equipment Costs apply if, and only if, the driver opts not to purchase a PIM (Passenger Information Monitor). 
  • Usage Costs - When a credit card is swiped,  both fixed and variable costs are incurred. This pricing structure mirrors the pricing of visa, mastercard and discover. The fees will be deducted from each payment. There are no variable fees accrued for cash trips.

How much does my equipment cost?

Monthly rental fees cover the cost of the equipment. If you choose to purchase your equipment, you can pay the $1,200 purchase price up front, or pay over three monthly installments. Once you tell us that you would like to purchase your equipment, we will eliminate the monthly equipment fee.

If you purchase the equipment, there will be no monthly equipment fee. 


How do I report a problem with my Hitch! system?

If you have a problem with your Hitch system and cannot solve it by reading this FAQ, please submit the details of your problem via email to driver@hitchdc.com and one of our customer support representatives will be with you as soon as possible. You can also call customer support at 202-810-4482.

Who pays the DCTC 25 cent surcharge?

Hitch automatically calculates and deducts each driver's 25 cent DCTC mandated surcharges and remits that amount to the DCTC. This surcharge applies to ALL fares, both cash and credit card trips. Hitch! uses money from driver's credit card fares to pay the DCTC surcharge fees.

As a driver, you will NOT need to pay the DCTC any additional sum of money, Hitch! does it for you.

How do I log in using my keypad?

Your login ID is your Face Card Number. Your Pin is the 4 digit number that you chose and recorded on your driver contract, and Welcome Pack. To log in, enter your Facecard ID, click the green button, enter your PIN, and click the green button again.

If you are unable to log in please contact your installation shop or 
submit the details of your problem here and one of our technical support representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I view a history of my fares?

Yes, we send emails detailing every credit card fare a driver takes, along with Hitch! & DCTC fees. 

How long does it take for me to get money earned from fares via direct deposit?

When Hitch! has accurate banking information (routing number and account number), your Hitch! account will be setup to automatically deposit each fare into your bank account directly. The first deposit into your account should arrive 
within five business days of your first fare.
 Credit card transactions typically take 1 to 3 business days (M-F and non banking holidays) to clear and be transferred into a driver account. This process follows the regular verification and authorization steps each credit card company (Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover) has in place as well as the normal ACH process.

If you have not received payment and would like to request that a Hitch! representative to verify your account information, please complete our 
secure payment data submission form. If you have received some payment, but are worried that the amount is not correct, please contact Hitch! using this secure problem reporting form or by calling our customer service number at 202-810-4482.

Keep in mind that a one time equipment deposit, a monthly wireless fee, a monthly rental fee and usage fees will be deducted. For more information on these fees please see the FAQ Answer #3.

Does Hitch! cover equipment issues?

Once your Hitch! unit is installed and operating, it is covered by a manufacturer warranty. For physical damage, Hitch! offers optional equipment insurance for a fee. If the driver does not purchase this insurance, he/she will be liable for the replacement value of any damaged equipment. To request insurance, please email driver@hitchdc.com or call 202-810-4482.

 What does error message “NO CC" mean on my keypad?

“NO CC” is a wireless communication error. Please take the following steps to solve your “NO CC” error.
  • Step 1: Each Hitch unit is equipped with a wireless modem that communicates with cellphone towers. To establish a good wireless connection drive car to an open, unobstructed area.
  • Step 2: Log out of the system by turning off your car or switch.
  • Step 3: Restart your car and log back into the system by using your keypad to enter your facecard number followed by the green key and then your 4-digit PIN  followed by the green key once more. Please ensure that you are pressing each key slowly and firmly. If you enter your PIN incorrectly too many times it will lock you out for security reasons, similar to an ATM machine. The lock-out will be lifted after a short period of time.

If, after restarting your car and logging in with the correct digits in an open 3G accessible network part of the city, and your keypad STILL gives you the “NO CC” error, please go back to the meter shop where you had your Hitch! equipment installed and troubleshoot with the technical support staff on site or report the problem with our secure problem reporting form.

I lost my PIN number. How do I Reset it?

Please email
driver@hitchdc.com or call 202-810-4482 and provide your full name,face card ID number,  fleet, car number, PVIN.


My MTS (Modern Taximeter System) Unit Does Not Work.

If your equipment is not working, please call or go back to the meter shop where your MTS unit was installed to see if they can help troubleshoot the issue. If the equipment is defective, then the meter shop should provide you with a functioning unit.  In the meantime, we will work with our supplier to fix the MTS unit. In about a week the unit will be returned.

Please be aware that all cashiering/driver related issues should be directed towards Hitch! customer service. Fill out our 
secure problem reporting form to notify the team of any such issues or call 202-810-4482.

For all other problems please fill out the following problem report form or call 202-810-4482 and a member of the hitch team will address your problem as soon as possible:

Secure Problem Reporting Form 

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